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Company Culture

Company Culture


While maintaining profitable growth and business success, Seagull builds up a strong company culture of " Employee welfare, society charity, talent recruitment and system improvement ". Seagull also has regular training programs for employees' self-improvement. Additionally, sports events and social club activities are regularly held to enhance living quality in the factory. Seagull considers employees’ satisfaction as one of the important indexes of company success.

Seagull established the Seagull Hope Primary School in Guizhou in 2009 and sponsored the Guangdong & Linzhi Experimental School in Tibet in 2010. In 2011, Seagull education fund was set up for the benefits to general public including the children of Seagull line workers. Since the year of 2006, the total volume of blood donation by Seagull employees has reached 1,028,670ml.



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