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Well Equipped Facility

Seagull adopts many advanced equipments such as KWC Low Pressure Permanent Molding, IMR Gravity Casting, Precision Forging, Hydroforming, Physical Vapor Deposition, Hoist-Plating Line and Powder/lacquer Coating, and Multi-Spindle Machining (12 Spindles).


Leading Manufacturing Techniques

Seagull commits to improve its manufacturing techniques continuously. And we introduced and developed reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, CAD/CAE/CAM for products design and mold manufacturing, PLC automatic control gravity casting machines and gravity sand core machines, brass precision hot-die forging production, hydro-forming of changeable cross-section tube, precision combined cutters, Combined Automatic Machining lathes and etc.


Substantial Production Capacity

The company is the industry leader in machine utilization and yield, as well as in overall execution strength. The process is lean and streamlined covering design, development, manufacturing, quality and supply chain. The daily production capacity is 300, 000 pieces for brass components and 100, 000 pieces for zinc components.


Flexible Production Run

Seagull has the capability to apply the numerical control and rapid tool-changing technology with established DNC workshop information integration management system. This enables the flexibility to meet large variety but small quantity orders.



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