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General Introduction

General Introduction


Seagull was founded in 1958 as a flashlight factory named “Shiqiao Hardware Machinery Factory”, and merged with China Source Investment Limited in Y1998 to become Panyu Seagull Kitchen and Bathroom products Co. Ltd.  In August.2003, the company was restructured and renamed as Guangzhou Seagull Kitchen and Bath Products Co.,LTD.  In Y2006, Seagull went public in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange with stock code: 002084. 

The main scope of Seagull business includes design and manufacturing service of high-end Kitchen and bath plumbing products, faucets, pop-ups, temperature control valves, floor heating systems, bathtubs, shower rooms, ceramic sanitary ware, bathroom furniture, smart homes system and prefabricate unit bath, etc.  By supplying the Top 10 Sanitary ware brands in Europe, United States and Asia, Seagull reaches the  annual revenue of over 317 million US dollars.


Seagull keep drive ourselves to promote the industry upgrading, optimizing the products improvement, customer services, brands management of the customized prefabricate unit bath. For the first core business of Kitchen and Bath products, Seagull has five production locations in Panyu, Zhuhai, Qiqihar , Suzhou and Chongqin. By own over 20 years experiences and specializations in Mold design and Manufacturing, and production of Gravity Casting, Low Pressure Permanent Mold Casting, Hydro-forming, Precision Forging, CNC Machining, Robotic Auto-buffing & Polishing, Electroplating Line and Powder/Lacquer Coating, PVD, Laser Etching, Finish goods Assembly, together with high-efficiencysupply chain management system and abundantproduct lines, we offering our customers high quality and on time delivery service. By  the manufacturing service capability of the parts, extend to provide the supporting services for the customized prefabricate unit bath.


With the second core business of Energy Saving, Seagull is focusing on the research, development, production and utilizationof HVAC, air conditioning intelligent control, system integration and products of Internet of Things. By actively introducing the electronic control technology, together with temperature control and intelligent control system, Seagull is progressively entering the smart home market segments; Furthermore, with the concept of "energy saving control, intelligence creates comfort” , we will set up frame layout in home security area.


The company devotes to the heritage of artistry in design and perfection in workmanship, and continues to be the best Build-In Industrialization Products and service Provider in China, build a beautiful home with you together. Seagull maintains diversified product portfolio in serving to the needs of customers as well as providing value-added service and improving production system continuously. The company will also keep completing the incentive system, basing on the information tools as big data system to optimize company management in order to benefit employees and contribute to the society



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