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Seagull was awarded as the " Best Supplier " by the customers in the US and Europe. The company has also obtained ISO9001: 2008 Quality Control System Certification and other quality certifications in both the US and European markets. The certifications include WRAS, TMV2 & TMV3, AB1953, cUPC, EPA HEL energy-efficient Authentication, DVGW, Watermark, Watersense, CSTB NF & KIWA. Our laboratory is certified by IAPMO in 2006 and by China CNAS Laboratory Accreditation in 2010.


As for quality control, full range of quality assurance system has been established from the beginning of new product design, purchasing of raw materials and components manufacturing, assembling, packaging to the after-sale tracking. In addition, different quality control processes had been set up for new product launch and repeated product runs. Supplier quality engineers perform quality control on raw materials and outsourced parts at the source of supply. Through tracking and training with the suppliers to improve the supply chain quality and strengthen quality control during the manufacturing process, the quality sustainability and stability are both ensured.



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