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The R&D Center continues to strengthen its capabilities by aiming at and keeping on track with advanced technologies. Seagull has successfully applied the world's most advanced technology in our core processes and has continuously improved internal self-development capabilities of casting, forging, machining, brazing and finishing.


Precise and Efficient Product Design

Seagull has a highly talented design team and established matrix organization for R&D development. The system uses Pro-Engineer software and PPAP process to deliver precise, effective and efficient R&D design capability.


Leading Mold Design and Manufacturing Capability

Seagull has a highly capable mold design and manufacturing team. They involve in mold/tool building for gravity casting, low pressure permanent mold, forging, stamping, die casting and plastic injection molding. The lead time of mold manufacturing is 25 days in average, well above industry standard. 

New Product Development Capability

Seagull develops new products systematically with substantial capacity. The development lead time is approximately in 30 days, meeting the requirements of top brand providers. The process includes Design Review, Design Verification, Design Transfer and PPAP.



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