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Description:Shiqiao Hardware Machinery Factory originated from Shiqiao Hardware Machinery Factory in 1958. It is a joint venture mainly engaged in the production of flashlights.
Description:Shiqiao Hardware Machinery Factory originated from Shiqiao Hardware Machinery Factory in 1958. It is a joint venture mainly engaged in the production of flashlights.




Seagull was founded in 1958. The company started to provide products and services in the field of kitchen and bathroom since 1998 and began trading on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in2006.Seagull is headquartered in Guangzhou, China. Our facilities are primarily located in China   with 11 domestic manufacturing campuses, along with 2 other factories in Vietnam, where we design, develop and produce kitchen & bathroom products, as well as customized prefabricated spaces for both residential and commercial applications. Our global operations are supported by  integrated teams located in North America and Europe.

Seagull continues focus on Quality, Speed, Efficiency and Innovations, providing exceptional products and OEM/ODM manufacturing services for top brand customers worldwide. With over 20 year’s experiences in the industry, Seagull devotes to the heritage of artistry in design and perfection in workmanship.

Seagull keeps driving ourselves in lean production, continuous productivity improvements and automation, maintaining our best competitiveness to customers with reliable products quality. The application of latest information and digital technologies empowered Seagull to achieve new level of operational intelligence with improved production efficiency and better managed manufacturing execution.

With strong surface finish development capability and production capacity in electroplating, PVD, Powder and lacquer coating, Seagull is capable of producing and supplying products with over 250 different finishes to our customers, both by customers specified finishes and by the inspiration from latest home design & fashion trends. Standing firm behind the exquisite craftsmanship and high manufacture efficiency, Seagull has comprehensive quality system and experienced engineers to ensure reliable products quality.Seagull well-equipped laboratories fully capable of product to obtain authoritative testing institute certification. Seagull has rich experiences in performing certification standard testing items, to support the testing for international products, including kitchen and bath products, electronic and smart home system products. Our quality control is from raw materials to performing various mechanical reliability testing required to develop finished goods and to obtain confidence in the quality of our products.

We believe, only with the continuously improved competiveness could support us provide best services to customers. On the wayfor innovations and creations, Seagull will never stop.Seagull aims for long terms sustainability development and value creation directly drives business growth in both domestic and overseas markets. Combining powerful digital technologies with industrial lean manufacturing approaches, Seagull gradually sets up 5 major product systems within industry of interior furnishing and decoration. Continuously promoting the rapid development of prefabricated residential spaces.

We have three well equipped facilities for electronic products, from development to production of innovative electronic integrated kitchen & bathroom products. By actively introducing the electronic and smart control technology, Seagull is progressively entering into smart home security and smart home control system to create healthier and more hygienic products. Our highly talented industrial design and New Products Development team created excellent designs for both kitchen & bathroom products and interior spaces. Seagull’s industrial design capabilities are proven and well recognized by multiple international design awards.Seagull commits to create a living of comfort and elegance. Our mission is striving to make ourselves the top supplier and provider of products and services in the industry of interior furnishing and decoration.  



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