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Message from the Chairman

Message from the Chairman

Message from the Chairman

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Description:Message from the Chairman
Description:Message from the Chairman

Dear friends from all walks of life:


       In 1998, the world sanitary ware industry experienced major adjustments. The manufacturing or procurement of major well-known brand products shifted to low-cost countries or regions. When Seagull Sanitary Ware was founded, it faced great opportunities and challenges.


       Over the past 19 years, the company has adhered to the principle of "not competing with customers" and established a corporate culture of "combining talents, improving systems, creating profits, benefiting employees, and giving back to the society" and "people-oriented". It has assembled a large number of talents with both integrity and pioneering spirit. The technical backbone and management talents ensure the company's stable and rapid growth in terms of asset scale and profitability. As of June 30, 2006, the company's total assets had reached 784 million yuan, and accumulated taxes paid over 50 million yuan.


       In 2006, the company was approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission to issue A shares in China. We will strive to improve the sound combination of product manufacturing, technological innovation and capital markets, and comprehensively enhance the company's value-added capabilities.


       Looking back, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all sectors of society, the firm support of shareholders, the continued love of customers, and the hard work of the company’s colleagues, and I firmly believe that with everyone’s support and efforts, Seagull will definitely become a world-class sanitary ware manufacturer. service provider.


Tang Taiying

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