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Quality, environment, occupational health

Quality, environment, occupational health

Quality, environment, occupational health

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Description:Quality, environment, occupational health
Description:Quality, environment, occupational health

Quality policy: Pursue excellent quality Devote to system management Continuously improve


Exquisitely provide safe and legal products and become a model in the industry

Sophisticated Win the trust of all customers

Lean not only meets customer needs, but also exceeds customer expectations

Precisely provide high-quality products and timely services on time

Diligently pursue overall benefits, strive to reduce costs, and make every effort to innovate and improve


Environmental/Occupational Health and Safety Policy: Clean Sources and Reduce Consumption Safety and Environmental Protection Giving Back to the Society


Clean source and reduce consumption

——Use clean energy for production and implement pollution source treatment countermeasures.

——The company will continue its efforts in the effective utilization of water, electricity, diesel, copper and other natural resources to achieve full utilization of resources and reduce costs.


Safety and environmental protection

——Continuously improve the processes that can produce major environmental impacts and major safety risks in the production process, gradually reduce the total amount of pollutants produced and discharged, and reduce the frequency of industrial accidents.
——When developing and introducing new products, new technologies, new processes, new equipment and new materials, implement strict, reasonable and effective environmental factors and hazard source assessments, and take the principle of obtaining the greatest environmental safety benefits.
——Strictly control the discharge of heavy metals and other pollutants from electroplating sewage, and properly handle hazardous chemicals.

—— Carry out comprehensive utilization of the three wastes, minimize the generation of waste, implement classified management and harmless treatment of waste, and treat waste safely and responsibly.

——Prevent work injuries and occupational diseases, and improve occupational health and safety performance.

——Adapt to environmental climate change, protect the ecosystem, and improve environmental performance.


Give back to society

——We will continue to comply with laws, regulations and standards related to environmental protection and occupational health and safety.

——Continuously promote knowledge of environmental protection and occupational health and safety to our managers, employees, customers, suppliers and related community residents.

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