Manufacturing and process technology

Manufacturing and process technology

Manufacturing and process technology

Description:Manufacturing and process technology
Description:Manufacturing and process technology

        Well equipped

        The company has successively introduced KWC low pressure casting, IMR gravity casting, precision forging, production machining center (precision CNC machining) and multi-axis (12-axis) combined processing machine, hydroforming, PVD (vacuum ion plating) powder coating and electroplating gantry Line and other equipment and production lines.


        Leading manufacturing technology and process

        The company attaches great importance to the upgrade and transformation of process technology, has introduced and accumulated a large number of advanced technologies and processes, introduced and developed reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, CAD/CAE/CAM and other technologies for product development and design and mold manufacturing, and introduced PLC automatic control Developed the precision hot die forging production technology of brass parts by the gravity casting machine and gravity sand core machine. Technology and craftsmanship in variable cross-section pipe hydroforming, precision combined tool manufacturing, and automatic processing technology of combined automatic machine tools.


        Advantages in mass production capacit

        The company has a complete production and management system including bathroom hardware product design, development, manufacturing, and warehousing. The utilization rate of main production equipment and stable productivity, as well as the comprehensive production capacity of various products are at a relatively high level in the industry.


        Advantages of flexible manufacturing capabilities

        The company has the ability to apply numerical control technology and rapid mold change technology on a large scale, and has initially established a DNC workshop information integrated management system (the system is a quasi-flexible system that includes CNC machine tool DNC/CAD/CAM programming, tool management, and production management. The manufacturing system has established a small number of flexible production competitive advantages.

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