Business advantage

Business advantage

Business advantage

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        The company’s main management personnel have more than 20 years of experience in the sanitary ware industry, and have strong cohesion and corporate management capabilities. In terms of corporate culture, the company emphasizes teamwork and strives to become a learning organization. It has established Seagull College and values employees. In terms of management, the company implements the "4R operation management system", which has strong innovation capabilities; in terms of management information construction, the company implements an ERP system, which covers material supply, sales, finance and office Realize computer network operation management.



        The company has a highly coordinated and concentrated overall team-the customer service department, which adopts the customer-specific CBU (Customer Business Unit) model to establish a PULL system for important customers. All customer service personnel have professional English skills to communicate with customers and in-depth engineering and quality Understand, provide customers with professional and effective point-to-point one-stop overall supporting services, and conduct annual customer satisfaction surveys to understand customer needs in a timely manner. The company takes "results" as the orientation and "customer satisfaction" as the goal, provides customers with product solutions from design to market, and provides timely services and joint cooperation for customers with professional capabilities,with rapid response and effective communication!

Contracted designers from Europe and the United States design products for customers or independently develop new products. From design to market in 90 days, they will strive for new development and mass production business opportunities with "speed". The highest on-time submission rate and 100% PPAP pass rate; rapid development, commissioning, and creation of market-leading high value-added products for customers. In terms of distribution and after-sales service, with the concept of “all employees adding value to customers”,it provides customers with “Just in Time” distribution services, assists customers in after-sales services, and has warehouses in Germany and the United States. Customers provide a full range of supply chain management and global logistics services.



        The quality of the company's existing products has reached the international advanced level, and has repeatedly won the Best Achievement Supplier Award from European and American customers. The company has obtained the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification issued by the prestigious British BSI, and its products have successfully passed various tests, including the product certification of WRAS in the United Kingdom, the TMV2 and TMV3 certification of BuildCert in the United Kingdom, and the AB1953 lead-free certification issued by IAPMO in the United States. , CUPC certification, ASSE1070 and ASSE1017 standards, EPA HEL energy efficiency certification, DVGW product certification in Germany, Watermark certification from SAI Global Limited in Australia, NF certification in France CSTB, Kiwa certification in the Netherlands, and IAPMO laboratory certification in 2006 and 2010, respectively In-plant testing laboratory accreditation and China CNAS laboratory accreditation.
        In terms of quality control, we designate a special quality control system for major customers, establish a comprehensive quality assurance system from new product development and design, raw material and spare parts procurement, manufacturing, assembly, packaging and delivery to after-sales service. Products and batch products have developed different control procedures for quality control. There are supplier quality engineers to control the quality of raw materials and parts purchases, to improve the quality of supply by tracking and coaching suppliers, and to control the quality of the manufacturing process to ensure the stability of quality and product quality.

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