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Seagull Attended the 16th KBC Shanghai Show

Number of visits: Date:2011-07-12 13:48:14

On May 25th, 2011, the 16th KBC Shanghai Show opened at the Shanghai New International Exhibition Center. Guangzhou Seagull Kitchen and Bath Products Company attended the show with its ODM series; Glacier, iFluid and Flamenco. These series represent Seagull's creative culture—"A heritage of artistry in design and perfection in workmanship".It is also the first time for Seagull to show its electronic products to public. Seagull is marching on the way to high technology and rational design.

Besides the products, Seagull's brilliant booth design was eye-catching. The white fence was shaped as an extension of the Seagull logo. The shadows and lights crossing built up a fluid space inside with booth.

The water testing display presented the comfort and convenience provided by Seagull's electronic products. There are 7 temperature segments in Glacier electronic basin mixer, which can provide more comfortable choices for the end user. The iFluid electronic basin mixer gained a reputation in the show because of its smooth fluid-shape model and the neat water way design. These products demonstrate Seagull's top-level processing techniques and their capability in electronics.


Seagull also impressed the visitors by its well equipped facility. Pictures showed many advanced equipments such as Low Pressure Permanent Molding, Robotic Auto-buffing & Polishing, Hydro-forming, Physical Vapor Deposition, Plating Line and Powder/lacquer Coating, CNC Machining, IAPMO Laboratory, and the world class warehouse with modern managing system. Through continuous cooperation and technical exchanges with the top international brand companies, Seagull has accumulated a large number of advanced systems and technologies. This has enabled Seagull to build advanced equipment and production lines to meet the global standards of excellence.

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