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ISH 2015

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The 5-day ISH show, a world class event held in every two years, was finally brought to a perfect ending in Frankfurt on Mar. 14th, 2015, carrying with the cheer of the bright day and the wishes of the blossom season.

The show enables Seagull to demonstrate its world-leading design concept, technique skills, research and manufacturing abilities respectively.


In product design area, two series of product was praised as classic – The Helsinki series and the Affability series.

The spark of inspiration of Helsinki series breeds from the city Helsinki when the designer came and visited the place. Admiring the beauty of Helsinki train station, possessing the broad vision of The Orthodox Church, embracing the peace of shed in the whispering birch forest, listening to the sound of stream travelling through the land, the designer was completely fascinated, and the impulsion of admiring the nature and the life via faucet designing crashed into mind, driving him to embody the curve of lives, to mark the force and the beauty of the nature. Therefore, Helsinki series was born, telling the world about the remarkable charm of the North Europe forest.

The affability series smooth the connection between the handle and the body, banishing the cold and indifferent appearance, coating with the sense of harmony, symbolizing a close relationship between human and faucet, just like the fish and water.

In the aspect of technique innovation, Seagull demonstrate its self-developed electronic faucet, which includes touch control kitchen faucet, and 2in1 touch/touch-free DIY control module kitchen/lavatory faucet ( All kitchen/lavatory faucets can be converted into electronic faucets by the control box, which could be a milestone in K&B industry), ceramic-touch lavatory faucet. Countless people were attracted by its eye-catching function and the brilliant presentation.

In the field of surface treatment, Seagull unfold its remarkable technique in dealing with 24K Gold, Rose Gold, Chrome and White mixture, Black and Romantic Gold mixture etc. in various types of material, telling the world of Seagull’s high-end manufacturing and surface dealing abilities, communicating with customers about its persistent in pursuing of self-perfection.

Thanks for the trust and continuous support of our new clients and loyal business partners, with your support, we can therefore move forward and beautified the world. Thanks for the contribution of our staff, with your dedication, we can therefore continue our glory, bringing a wonderful ending for ISH show.

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