ISH 2021 Digital   

The world’s leading trade fair of ISH at Frankfurt is launched through a brand

new digital platform from Mar 22nd to 26th, 2021.

Through this platform, Seagull will present our latest innovations and products,

including intelligent and hygienic kitchen & bath collection,and prefabricated

kitchen & bath spaces total solutions.

Meanwhile, we are glad to introduce to you about our design and technology

capabilities which mainly focus on intelligent electronic technology development

and application, smart home and smart security product solution and manufacturing.

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Product design and development

The company's research and development organization, while continuously strengthening its ownresearch and development capabilities, has always aimed and tracked international advanced technology...


Manufacturing and process


The company has successively introduced KWC low pressure casting, IMR gravity casting, precision forging, production machining centers...


Guangzhou Seagull Kitchen And Bath Products Co., Ltd.

Make full use of the mechanism of the share-holding economy and give play to the advantages of the promoters

to improve the economic efficiency and labor productivity of the joint-stock company, and to achieve the goal of

maximizing the interests of shareholders, thereby benefiting employees and giving back to the society.


Guangzhou Seagull Kitchen And Bath Products Co., Ltd.

Provide customers with high-quality, efficient, diversified

and high value-added services

Seagull was founded in 1958. The company started to provide products and  services

in the field of kitchen and bathroom since 1998 and began trading on the Shenzhen

Stock Exchange in 2006.Seagull is headquartered in Guangzhou, China. Our facilities

are primarily located in China with 11 domestic manufacturing campuses, along with

2 other factories in Vietnam, where we design, develop and produce kitchen & bathroom products, as well as customized prefabricated spaces for both residential and commercial applications. Our global operations are supported by integrated teams located in North America and Europe...